Permaroof Flashings

  • All flashings are manufactured in the Planwell factory to suit your individual requirements
  • All flashings are 3m in length
  • Flashings are made in materials and colours to match you roofing sheets
  • The standard width of a flashing before folding is 400mm (16”) so for example the flashing size can be 200 x 200 or 250 x 150 etc
  • Wider flashings can be provided if required
  • Flashings are available in both 0.5mm Polyester and 0.7mm Plastisol material
  • All flashings are folded with “safe edges” as standard
  • All materials are packed in Planwells protective wrapping paper.

We have provided just three examples of different types of flashings on this page, for further details please contact our office.