What is permaroof?

Permaroof is profile metal sheeting, modern and attractive in appearance.

What can permaroof be used for

Permaroof is designed for and used on Houses, Garages, Sheds, Industrial and Farm Buildings, Sports Stadiums, D.I.Y., etc.

Is permaroof expensive?

No – Permaroof is a very competitively priced product, probably the most cost effective that money can buy – contact Planwell today and you will be pleasantly surprised.

How do I know I am buying at the best price?

Planwell are Rollformers, this means that you are buying direct from the manufacturer. Best materials, best prices. (each order is made to suit your individual requirements).

What is the lifespan of permaroof?

Permaroof is maintenance free for 30 – 40 years and has a sheet life expectance of 40 years plus.

What installs it?

Installation of Permaroof is quite simple – and it is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, but if you need someone locally to install permaroof for you, then we recommend you contact any reputable joiner or roofing contractor in your area.

Which profile is best?

From the new Permaroof range the 30mm profile provides the best value for money as it is the maximum ‘metre wide cover’ sheet – it is also the strongest from this range – and is rollformed at the Planwell Factory so is available ex-stock. Other profiles are featured in the Permaroof range but these are not available ex stock – so your order may not be processed as quickly.

What lengths are available?

Permaroof is available in long single sheet lengths of almost any size, please contact us for more details.

Should I choose Polyester or Plastisol sheeting?

Polyester is a smooth painted finish and is a coating which is maintenance free for 30-40 years (available in 0.5 thickness) our NOVA range of sheeting comes with a written 20 year guarantee. Plastisol is a “Leathery Grain” type finish and is maintenance free for 25-30 years (available in 0.7 thickness), and comes with a written 10 year guarantee.

What thickness is best?

0.5mm thick is most commonly used (for example if the purlin spacings are 4ft (1.2m) apart, our new NOVA range of 0.5mm polyester comes with a written 20 year guarantee.

What’s the best type of roof available?

An insulated roof is always best as it avoids any possible condensation problems and has many advantages such as keeping heat in, saving fuel bills, reducing noise etc.

Do the ridge like flashings fit into the shape of the sheet?

No. The permaroof flashings are made to the size and angle that you require and are fixed on top of the roof sheets along with Planwell’s ‘All Weather Fillers” which are fitted so as to close off the spaces from rain, bird, etc.

Do the fittings fit in the flat of the sheet?

Yes, they are modern, high performance fixings which come with a special sealed washer – so they will not leak. They are fitted in the flat of the sheet so as to provide the best resistance to uplift from high winds.

What type of fixings do i require and how many?

This depends on the type of application. We will advise which type and will provide the proper fixings required as well as working out how many you require, etc. For further information contact us today.

How do I order?

Please complete Planwells ‘Quicknote’ form (supplied along with full colour brochure) and return this by ‘Freepost’. An exact price will then be worked out for you and provide to you in writing.
For a free copy of Planwells brochure, please go to the contact page, to receive a ‘free quote’ please go to our quote page.

What are your payment terms?

Planwell is a cash and carry business, providing you, the customer with the best materials at the best prices. Our normal terms are therefore payment in full before your order can be dispatched.

How quickly will my materials be delivered?

From time we receive your payment – your order will be very quickly manufactured and dispatched (normally within a few days, please phone Planwell for exact details on delivery of your order). We hope we have covered most of the questions that are normally asked. If however, you need more details/information on anything else then don’t hesitate to contact Planwell today.